Here are the steps to follow for a print-on-demand store with Shopify + T-Pop

Means of payment

Choose the payment methods you wish to activate on your site:


Select "Automatically capture payment for orders".

Concerning the payment methods to be offered on your shop, we advise you to use and activate Stripe and Paypal.


Under "Settings" / "Checkout", check the box "Do not automatically process any of the order items"  

Indeed, it is us who will automatically validate the shipping of your orders, which is why you should not select "Process automatically".


Choose a good quality theme, which will offer you the possibility to be fully customizable and which will be fast.
A guide to help you choose your theme is available here.

Choose a company name and address

Tell Shopify your business name and address.  

Your shop name and metadata

Enter your shop name and a description in the fields provided (for SEO purposes).

Set the time zone

Set Shopify to the same time zone as yours.

Buy your own domain name

Decide on the name of your store
Submit your domain name after checking its availability, we suggest using our partner EvxOnline for domain submission:

Customize domain settings

Under "Online store / domain"
Connect the domain name you just purchased with the store link Shopify gave you (follow Shopify instructions for this step).

Set up a specific email for your store

This will be the address from which emails will be sent to your customers, so avoid

Set up an email address using the domain you just purchased and forward it to a Gmail account or user support software.
Add this new email address to your Shopify account.

Configure payment settings

Select "Accounts are optional": this will increase your conversion rate, your customers will not be required to create an account, it's one less step to checkout.

Checkout process options

Make sure the "use shipping address as default billing address" option is checked by default
Set the cart abandonment email to 1 hour (well, that's what we suggest)
Check: "Do not automatically process any of the order items"

Important Documents

Generate sample documents to be used in the Billing page (UGC)

Returns Policy
Privacy Policy
Shipping Policy
Terms of Use
Contact Us
About Us

Create your collections

Create collections that match the products you will be selling.


Set up the menu at the top of your site
Set up the menu at the bottom of your site (footer)
Include important pages in the footer menu (T

Important: Do not change the default location of T-Pop in your Shopify dashboard.

Make sure your site is smartphone friendly

Since much of your traffic will come from mobile visits, it is crucial that your site looks good from any smartphone. Preview and look at all your pages and make improvements if you can.

Make a test purchase
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