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When a customer places an order on your e-commerce site, you instantly receive their payment in the traditional way (via Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay...), you keep the total amount of the sale.

By using our print on demand service, when your order goes into production, the price defined for the product sold is automatically billed to you and debited to the credit card entered in your TPOP account.

There will be a total of two transactions for each sale:
the amount of the sale (for example €30) that you will receive directly on your bank account
the amount of the production + shipping of the products by TPOP which will be debited to your bank account (for example €14)

The difference between the two is your profit.

Everything is done automatically, to make it as easy as possible for you.

You have the possibility to print an invoice for each processed order, in your panel under "Orders" > click on the order number.
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