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The carrier's tracking indicates that the package has been delivered to the addressee, but your customer claims not to have received it: T-Pop does not cover the shipment of a new parcel.

The carrier's tracking is authentic: if the parcel is marked "delivered" there is no possible recourse.

Very often the parcel will have been dropped off at a neighbour's or the customer does not have a standard box:

In this case it is necessary to recommend to your customer to go to the nearest post office (if the carrier is the Post office), provided with its number of follow-up and an identity paper in order to recover its order.

If the letter box is not standardized or that the parcel cannot be deposited there (because it contains too many products), it also arrives that the factor / deliveryman deposits it at the post office.

If, despite everything, the customer tells you that he has not been able to collect his parcel, the decision must be taken on your side: you can tell him that once the parcel is indicated as "delivered", you are no longer able to send him a new order or you can decide to place a new order manually at your expense.
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