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As you know, once the order is placed, we take care of everything else.

However, as an e-tailer, you should remember that there are a few simple things you need to do to ensure that your customer service is top notch.

To make the service as smooth and pleasant as possible for everyone, you should check your T-POP dashboard every day to see the status of your orders.

We've put a nice system of coloured dots on the home page of our service to monitor the progress of your orders in real time.


Check that your shop orders are present in T-Pop: if there is any communication problem between the shop and us or if you have duplicated or modified a product for example, the order may be incomplete (or not appear at all).

Monitoring blocked orders

Check that none of your orders are blocked: if there is a payment, address or visual defect, the orders are blocked.

In this case, you must take the necessary steps with your bank or change the payment method, rectify the visual or address and then resubmit the request to put the order into production.

My order is blocked, what should I do in the event of a payment problem?

There is no point in requesting that the orders be put back into production if the problem has not been resolved on your side.

Verification of the conformity of the orders

Check that the T-Pop orders correspond to the orders of your shop: if there is any problem of communication between your shop and us or if you have duplicated or modified a product for example, the order can be incomplete or not appear at all (bis).

In the end, it's very simple, just do what every good e-businessman should do every day and make sure that everything goes well, your customers will be all the happier
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