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Our printers allow us to print all of your visuals with photographic quality: there are no colour restrictions. 

Please note that special colours such as fluorescent cannot be restored, as the mixing of inks cannot naturally create these colours.

Your files must not weigh more than 20 MB, be in PNG format (this format allows you to keep the transparency of your files), and finally be exported in the RGB colour space.

IMPORTANT: Please note that on white textiles, the white of your visual is never printed. 

So you can't send a white logo on a white product: nothing would be printed.

Similarly, on a black textile (only black), the black of your visual will not be printed: these are the only two exceptions, in which case the textile replaces the colour.

Finally, avoid micro-details (small dots, too fine lines, small characters).

Even if our printers allow us to render your visuals very precisely, textiles are less defined than a sheet of paper: micro-details may not appear properly, so take this into account before sending your visuals.
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