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When an order is placed on your site, we receive it and process it automatically.

The shipping costs that will be charged to you in addition to the product(s) are calculated according to the total number ofarticles contained in your order.

We work with a shipping calculated to the minimum and ship anywhere in the world.

Shipping rates

Important: the delivery costs that will be displayed on your shop are to be defined according to your preferences, just like your selling price.

You can decide to offer delivery from a certain amount for example, in all cases these settings are made directly from your shop (Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce ...)

Since November 2020, a new shipping grid has been implemented.

In order to facilitate calculations and to offer a fairer rate regardless of the destination of the products, a new calculation method has been implemented: new modes of transport have been added to ensure faster delivery.

As the grid has evolved, some rates have been revised upwards (we have not applied any increases and have absorbed all of them since the launch of the application), but in many cases shipping will now be less expensive.

We hope that the world grid will soon be subject to a global decrease in prices: many countries (US, Canada, Japan, Australia etc...) now impose an air surcharge - temporary, linked to the COVID-19 crisis - which is excessively costly and which we have no way of controlling.

All products will now be shipped with tracking: each parcel will have its own tracking number, whatever the destination.

The reduction in prices to the European Union, combined with systematically tracked delivery, will open the doors to sales outside of France.

From now on, the calculation method is as follows:

Each product always has 2 delivery rates: 1st product and additional product

If your order contains only one product, the delivery rate is that of the first product.

If your order contains several products, we use the "1st product" rate of the product with the highest "1st product" rate and then add the "additional product" rate of each additional product.

Note that all rates are now displayed excluding VAT: a 20% VAT must be added to the rates if your company is based in France.
You will be able to recover the amount of this VAT if you are a company (except for micro-entrepreneurs who will not be able to recover the VAT)


For a single mug sent in France, the price will be 4.80 € (first product).
For a mug + 1 t-shirt + 1 pocket, the price will be 4.80 € (first product) + 1 € (additional product t-shirt grid) + 0.80 € (additional product pocket grid).
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