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Thanks to our print on demand service, everything is sent as a complete white label: your logo, company name and contact details are indicated on the slip.

The delivery note is important because your customers will have it in their hands: it is important to remember your brand and use it to make a good impression.

It contains all the order information, addresses and a summary of the articles included in the package.

You can add your logo for free.

The price of articles is never indicated (in case of a gift), the slip does not act as an invoice: we suggest you include the invoice in PDF format in your shipping confirmation email.

You have the possibility to fill in the names of your social network accounts as well as to choose the dominant color of the slip.

You can also insert a personalized message on each slip, which will be printed at the bottom of the slip.

You can choose your dominant color.

The language of the slip is automatically translated according to the country of destination.

Your contact details. Here you can enter your address, phone number and email address. Here you can enter your address, a telephone number and a contact e-mail address.

Social networks. It's easy, just enter your account name in the "Branding" section of our app.

Your logo. Important, the logo. Always in the "Branding" part, send your logo, it will be visible at the top of the form.

The personalized message. Take advantage of this space to thank your customers, to leave them a nice note or to communicate a promotional code. By default it says 'Thank you for your order'. As for the rest, you can modify it under "Branding".

The dominant color: give your slip a little fun by choosing a dominant color that will be used for your company name, social networks and the message.

On the examples, we have chosen a nice blue.

We have thought of users who deliver abroad by translating your slips according to the country of delivery, 5 languages are now available: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Thus, if you deliver in Spain, it will be translated into Spanish; if you deliver elsewhere than in a French-speaking country, it will be translated into English.
Example below, with the same slip as above, but with a delivery in France :

Isn't that nice?
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