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There are several reasons why your order does not appear in the application.

If the order does not appear, it is because we have not received it...

This can happen when:

You have duplicated a product outside the TPOP platform

A duplicate product from outside the platform (directly in your Shopify / WooCommerce shop) is not considered a valid TPOP product, even if it is a duplicate of a product created by our print on demand platform. Products must be exclusively designed from our platform.

You have changed SKU or product type: without this information, we will not be able to receive your order.

In this case, you will have to place a manual order directly in your TPOP dashboard.

You have set up your Shopify store incorrectly. Under "Settings" / "Checkout", you must absolutely check the box "Do not automatically process any order items"

Anyway: it's the tracking on the TPOP platform that is the real deal for us, not the tracking in your Shopify, WooCommerce or Etsy account.
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