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Here are some errors you may encounter when trying to push a product to your WooCommerce shop:

Error: Sorry, you are not allowed to create resources. woocommerce_rest_cannot_create]

This one means that you have an identification problem: the link between T-Pop and your WooCommerce store is broken.

On the T-Pop application, go to Stores and then click on the Uninstall/Reinstall button.

Check the box Re-install the application and click on the green button to re-establish the link between your shop and your T-Pop products

JSON ERROR: Syntax error

Please check if you have added the exact url of your shop (check www and https).

Example : the url of your shop is

If you try to push your products to (without www) or (http instead of https), it won't work.

This may also be related to your permalinks: please consult this article to set them up correctly.
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