How to create an on demand product?

Creating a product is quick and easy. You'll see, it's child's play!

First of all, visit our wonderful catalogue full of beautiful things:

Once you've selected your product, simply add a visual by clicking on "Image " or add text by clicking on "text ".

You can then modify, move, enlarge or reduce it using the transform and position buttons in the sidebar.

You can also filter your visual using the filter selector at the very bottom of the options in the sidebar.

Next, choose the colours you want to sell in your shop: all colours will automatically be ticked, but if you don't want certain colours to appear, you can untick them by simply clicking on the cap of the colour in question.

Now you can also customise the back of your product using the selector located just above the product. You'll find your previously uploaded visuals in your image gallery.

Then you can enter the name of your product. You can activate the "neck-tags " option by clicking on the button. For this option to be visible, don't forget to upload your neck design in the production options.

Next, you will need to define and save the price of your product by entering it in the box dedicated to your selling price. On the left is the box for the purchase price of your product: note that this will vary if you opt for recto/verso printing.
If you want to set different prices according to size or colour, you can do so by clicking on "Set the price for each variant ".

This will open a window showing a table of the different variants of your product and your purchase price as well as your selling price (you will notice that a margin of 2.2 is automatically calculated from the purchase price, but of course you can change this).
Please note that once you have filled in the prices in this window, these details will take precedence over the small "your selling price" box.

Finally, once you have validated or modified the product description, you can click on "Next" and you will be taken to a page where you can choose your type of mockup: flat or on a hanger (only for certain products).
Then you choose the image you want to put on the front page: the type of model (female/male for example), the front or back of the product if you've chosen to do a front/back and also the colour of the product.

Before validating the creation of the product, you can opt for automatic publication on your site by ticking the small button in the sidebar on the left. You can also choose another product straight away to create it.


Would you like to create a product with different designs depending on the color? If so, you'll need to use the merge function, which we explain here.

So quick, isn't it?