The advantages of on demand production

Let's face it: print-on-demand is a mechanism that is inherently green.

This method directly opposes the mass production method that has characterized the retail sector and more specifically the fashion sector until now.

Thanks to Print on Demand, in order to sell, there is no longer any need to plan for a quantity of stock that may result in mountains of unsold products, the manufacture of which has required the use of significant resources and which will potentially be thrown away without being recycled...

We use our own stock of products, so you don't have to, and only in the quantities you need: so there's no wastage, no unnecessary waste.

Thanks to digital printing as we use it at TPOP, printing methods such as screen printing (using a lot of water, non-biodegradable inks and imposing orders of stock) seem obsolete.

In a world where it is becoming essential to preserve the environment and its precious resources, the moderate and circular consumption mode carried by POD represents a real hope for our future...

We are proud to promote it through our platform.

Green print on demand with TPOP