How does TPOP work?

The aim of our service is to offer you a turnkey service, allowing you to create or develop your brand without any investment.

Who we are, in 2 words :

We are a company located in the South of France, yes, we are lucky, specialized in printing on demand, we are rather friendly, demanding and responsive (and MODEST especially, hahum).

How does it work?

By using our service you will be able to put products for sale on an online store, without having the need to store or send these products.

What's the procedure?

First of all, you create your free account on our platform in just a few clicks.

2 minutes later, you'll have your own online store, which we'll have designed automatically.

Then all you have to do is design your own products using our super-easy-to-use design tool.

After this design stage, we'll take care of the rest:

The application will automatically create on your store the product and its associated visual with all its variants (sizes, colors etc).

You can design a store on external platforms, or use the offered store linked to your account.

All this is free, no investment is required.

Then, you have to promote your product: social networks, search engines, the rest is 100% automated.

The rest is taken care of...

The customer orders the product on your online store, he pays you directly.

We then proceed with the production of this order and automatically charge you the commission defined within the application (corresponding to the supply of the product, its printing, packaging and shipping).

Then we proceed to its expedition (it even seems that we make kisses to your parcels), while informing your customer: this one will receive an email of confirmation of order then an email confirming the expedition and indicating him the number of follow-up of its parcel.

All this is done on your behalf.

The parcel, the order slip slipped inside, everything is labeled with your brand, we do not appear anywhere, it is totally transparent for your customer.

The icing on the cake: all our services are free to use.

Moreover, and this is really important, all the tools at your disposal are free: the complete platform, your online store, the creation of products, your branding, the support...

Forget the hours of work to create your mockups and then upload them 1 by 1 to your e-commerce platform, our platform takes care of it for you.

Forget about managing servers for the hosting of your online store.

So, isn't this a great system?-